Genealogical Data

Names in the Surgeon Journal of
the 'Irene' in 1852

transcribed by Liz Carey
Here is the list of names mentioned in the Surgeons Journal on the voyage of the 'Irene' from Liverpool to Sydney 10/7/1852 - 19/10/1852.

Aitken James
Bairden? Sarah
Baker Mary Alice
Baker George
Baker Lucy
Bellamy Sarah A.
Boromer Sarah
Bowman [child]
Bowman Eliza
Bowman Samuel
Bowmer Fanny
Brodie Mr
Brownlee Thos.
Brownlee [child]
Brownlee A.
Brownlee Cath.
Brownlee Edwd.
Brownlee Elizabeth
Brownlee John
Brownlee Mary Ann
Brownlee Saml
Brownlee Thos.
Brownlee Wm.
Burke Patrick
Butler George
Butler's Child
Carmichael [child]
Carmichael Daniel
Carmichael Janet
Condon Catherine
Condon Mary
Connor John
Coultred John
Coultred Mary Ann
Coyle Ann
Craig Elizth.
Daniel Carmichael
Davey [child]
Davey Mary Ann
Davy Fanny
Derwent Mr
Derwent Mary
Dilworth E [female]
Dixon John
Dixon Susan
Dixon Susanna
Dorman James
Doyle Ann
Doyle Honora
Doyle James
Duffy Emily
Dyson Henry
Dyson Martha Ann
Dyson Mrs
Dyson Sarah
Estler Mr
Eversden John
Farrell E.
Finnigan James
Finnigan Sarah
Fowles [child]
Fowles Mary Ann
Fowles Sarah
Fulton Mr [probable]
Fulton Jane
Fulton Marion
Gifford Mr
Giles [child]
Giles Edw. James
Giles Thos. Hy.
Green Benj.
Green Elizabeth
Green Margt.
Green Mary
Green Mr
Griffin Hannah
Halahan Margt.
Hall [child]
Hall James
Hall Janet
Hall Margaret
Hall Mary
Hayes Constable
Hayes John
Hergest Charles
Hergest Henry
Herget Emma
Heyot [child]
Hill James
Hill Mrs
Hill Robert
Hills Elizabeth  
Hills Harriett
Hobbs Mary Anne
Holohan Margt
Huckle Franci/es
Huckle John
Huckle Mary Ann
Johnston [child]
Johnston Ann
Johnston George
Kean Charles
Kelly Catherine
Kelly James
Kelly Thos.
Kirk Jane
Knight George
Loveday Miss
Magrath Cath.
Magrath John
Magrath Mary
Matchell Mary (amended to MATCHETT
at Liz Carey request 9 Jan 2000)
Matchell Mrs (amended to MATCHETT
at Liz Carey request 9 Jan 2000)
Matchell Sarah Irene (amended to MATCHETT
at Liz Carey request 9 Jan 2000)
Matherson [child]
Matheson Helen
McCart Ann
McCart Jane
McComb Saml.
McDonald Betsy
McDonald Donald
McDonald J.
McDonald Margt.
McDonnell James
McNeil Ann
McNeil William
McNeil William John [child]
Merriman John
Merriman Mary Ann
Pain Mr
Partridge [child]
Partridge James
Partridge Sarah
Perrim Annabella
Perrim Elizabeth
Perrim William
Rawlins Edwd.
Rawlins Hugh
Rawlins Margt.
Rawlins Mary
Ritchie Alex.
Ritchie Margt.
Roberts John
Robertson Harvey
Robertson Mary
Robinson Captain
Robinson Harvey
Robinson Mary
Rusk Jane
Rusk John
Rusk Margt.
Rusk Samuel
Rusk Sarah
Rusk's Son
S Walcott Esq
Sampson [child]
Sampson Amy
Sampson Amy
Sampson Emma
See/Sell Mary Ann
Sloane Isabella
Starr Margaret
Stevens John
Stevenson [child]
Stevenson Elizth.
Stout John
Taylor [child]
Taylor Anne
Taylor Jane
Thompson Hans
Thompson James
Todd [child]
Todd Jane
Todd William
Trueman John
Trueman Mr
Veitch Elizth.
Veitch John
Veitch Mary
Wakeling Harriet
Willmott Thomas [Surgeon]
Wright [boy]
Wright Robert
Wright Sarah
Wright Sophia

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