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Brandis names at St Catherine House

The following information has been collected from a copy of the St Catherine's House Indices held here in Western Australia.

I can not claim to have listed all Brandis births, deaths and marriages listed in the Indices but I do feel there are enough here for me to put this page up for other genealogist.

I do encourage you to do your own research but I also appreciate how hard it is to do this when you live hundreds of miles from the nearest copy. (I know this as I live over 2,000 miles from the WA copy)

I did not look at the death Index at this time.

There are NO Brandis births listed in 1837 or 1838. In fact the earliest Brandis birth listed is in the second quarter of 1839.


Apr, May, June 1838 Births
BRANDRETH Charles Manchester XX 20 574
BRANDRETH Elizabeth Leek XVII 17 55
BRANDRETH Miram Basford XV 15 410
July, Aug, Sept. 1838 Births
BRANDRETH Elizabeth Hayfield
BRANDRETH Hannah Rumcorn
BRANDRETH John Mansfield
Oct., Nov., Dec. 1838 Births
BRANDRETH Ruth Mansfield XV 15 481
BRANDRICK Thomas Salford XX 20 710
Jan., Feb., Mar. 1839 Births
BRANDETH Willam Leicester XV 121
BRANDRETH Ann Chapelon le ? XXX 151
Apr., May, June 1839 Births
BRANDIS Thomas Marylebone I 216
BRANDRETH Jane Liverpool XX 489
BRANDRICK Enoch Dudley XVIII 349
Jul, Aug, Sept 1839 Births
BRANDRETH Ann Stockport XIX 207
BRANDRETH Elizabeth Stockport XIX 207


There were no Brandis births listed in the last quarter of 1839 or the first quarter of 1840 and I did not continue searching.


Oct, Nov, Dec 1837 Marriage
Jan, Feb, Mar 1839 Marriage
BRANDISH James Newcastle on Tyne
BRANDIS James St Martin I 144



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