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May 12, 1937

Ancient Roll of Arms

Two authentic copies of the Roll of Scottish Arms, done by Sir David Kindsay in 1542, and accepted by the Privy Council in 1640 as the only authentic Roll of Arms in existance, have turned up in New Zealand. One has been presented to the Taranaki Museum. This is No. 52 of the 250 copies issues about sixty years ago - It is a work of art, all the original colours and a number of mythical arms, with the Queens and Kings of Scotland, the nobility and the commoners, being represented as they appeared three hundred years ago. There is a second copy in Dunedin

- Uramao


The Murder Trail

Here is another case of uncanny work by one of our native trackers. In the Welshpool (WA) murder case many difficulties had to be contended with, and the police were about baffled for any clue, when the job was handed on to a native tracker. Rain having fallen since the crime was committed made matters much worse. After much scouting he sighted something, and kept his eyes on it till he completed his job. The scene of the murder, some miles along the Bunbury railway, was only a small hamlet where the people where mostly poultry farmers. The tracker, much to the surprise of those engaged on the job took a northerly route, and on reaching the township of Moora, some 60 miles away on the Midland Railway, walked straight across the railway yard to a waggon loaded with chaff. He said "He is in there." The police almost emptied the whole of the chaff out of the waggon, but could see no sign of their man. the tracker returned towards the township, and, after closely inspecting the ground, walked back to the police and said "He is in that waggon." The police returned to the waggon, and, after throwing out a few more bags of chaff, found their man. He was found guilty, and hanged in Fremantle Gaol. Though he never confessed, it was learned that he was in the company of at least three other men who had mysteriously disappeared and whose bodies were discovered later, but the murderer could never be traced.

- Coolangatta



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