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"John Robinson"

The "John Robinson" was a brig of 247 tons.
Sailed from Kingston Jamaica 19 Sep 1852. 57 passengers on board.
Berthed in Melb 18 Feb 1853 with 64 passengers on board.

In the brig:

John Robinson for Australia.
Robert C Carr, merchant
Alexandar Mc Whinney, merchant, wif & 3 Children, 2 servants
Whiteside McWhinney, clerk
Edgar C Blythe accountant, wife & servant
Miss Gibson
Miss McMillan
Gilbert Handasyde, accountant & servant
Alexander Handsyde, accountant
Peter a Chavannes, accountant
Frank Garrigues , Overseer
Ralph Lowe, overseer
John Hylton, gentleman
John Masterman, druggest
William Darrell, accountant
Thomas Ford, gentleman
John T Ford, accountant
P.L Grant, overseer
Thomas Edbury, overseer
Henry Berrisford, planter
W.K.McLean, planter
Mr Calvert, architect & wife
Miss Wills
Dr. Sutherland
Robert Gudeman, accountant
Samuel Brown, accountant
Mrs William Garrigues & daughter
Andrew Simpson, accountant
James Watson, accountant
Alexander Davidson, Accountant
David Lamont, planter
William Willock, overseer
Thomas Shannon, merchant
St. John H. Clement, proprietor.
R.A.Griffin, accountant
Edwin Edwards, solicitor
Alexander Henriques, accountant
William McNabb, storekeeper
William Baugh, planter
C.B.S. Hankin,planter
H.T.Bains, storekeeper, & wife
2 Misses Macnamarah
William Chavannes, gentleman
Henry Garrigues, planter
Peter Simpson, planter
Alexander McWhinney & Edgar Blyth had by the late 1853 established an ironmongers store in Melb.

Robert C.Carr had represented the parish of St. David in the House of Assembly in Jamaica

A doctor , probably Joseph was also on board. he died in Melb in 1856.

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