Genealogical Data

Extract from the Age
Oct 17, 1854

"Vessels laid on at the Port of London for these Colonies:

August 1854

Aberfoyle, Melbourne
Agra,Geelong with Emigrants
Albermarle, Adelaide
Anglesey, Melbourne
Antipodes, Hobart Town
Ashburton, New South Wales
Australasia, Hobart Town
Bolton, N.S.Wales;
Calabar, Melbourne
Charlotte Anne,Melbourne
Clara, Portland Bay, with Emigrants
Colonist, New South Wales
Cornelius, Gipps (D), Melbourne
Derwentwater, Hobart Town;
Devonshire, with Government stores, Swan River WA
Diligentia, (Dutch) Geelong
Duke of Lancaster, with emigrants, Adelaide
Earl of Chester, Hobart Town;
Elizabeth, Geelong
Enchanter, Geelong
General Hewett, with emigrants, Moreton Bay
General Michiels, Melbourne;
Harvest Home, New South Wales;
Henrietta Maria (Dutch), Melbourne
Hero, Launceston
Jacoba (E), Adelaide
Janet Greene, Melbourne and New South Wales
Janet Willis, Melbourne;
John Heldon, New South Wales
Kangaroo, Adelaide
Lady Kennaway, New South Wales with emigrants
Laurens Kosler (D), Adelaide
Lord of the Isles, with emigrants, Adelaide
Magellan, Hobart Town
Marchioness of Londonderry, New South Wales
Maria Gabrielle, New South Wales,
Mary Catherine, New South Wales
Mary Goddard (D), Hobart Town
May Queen, Portland Bay
Monsoon, Nelson and Wellington
Neleus, Melbourne with Emigrants
Phoebe Dunbar, Melbourne with emigrants
Pio Nono, Launceston
Polar Star: Auckland, and New Plymouth
Primula, Melbourne
Prince of Wales, New South Wales;
Prins Hendrick (D), Melbourne;
Pudsley Dawson, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury and Otago"
Queen of England, with emigrants, New South Wales
Rienzi, Adelaide
Royal Saxon, New South Wales
Royal Stuart, Canterbury, Wellington and New Plymouth
Siam (F), New South Wales
Southern Cross, Hobart Town
Standard, with emigrants, Adelaide
Standard, with emigrants, Adelaide
Statesman, Melbourne
Stebouheath, Stirlingshire, Launceston
Swallow (A), Melbourne
Twee Gebroeders (Dutch), Melbourne
Van Galem (D), Adelaide
Velore, Adelaide
Violet, Portland Bay, with emigrants
Walter (D), Geelong
Waterloo, New South Wales
Windermere, Geelong
Woolloomooloo, New South Wales
Wynaud, Adelaide
Yarra, Geelong indemnity, Melbourne

REF: email to by Lee Power on 25 April 1998
"The original source is the first Age Newspaper in Victoria - but as the document is rather fragile, I will not access it for individual lookups - thought instead I would transcribe all I could onto the net for all to read."



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