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Simon Taylor

In 1824 the barque named the ‘Simon Taylor’ was built at the Blackwall Shipyard on Thames, London for Meek & CO. Weighing in at some 431 tons, the ‘Simon Taylor’s’ passenger deck was 140 feet long with a height of 7 foot 6 inches between decks.

Time line of the life of the ‘Simon Taylor’

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The barque ‘Simon Taylor’ is built in London and registered by S. Taylor
Master (Captain) listed as Mister Christie
Lloyds Register reveal that Mauritis was the ‘Simon Taylor’ destination.
1829 to 1837
Lloyds Registers reveal that Jamaica was the destination (bar 1833)
ownership changed to R. Taylor
1838 to 1839
the ship was restored
owner Thomson & Co.
Captain was Mister Slater
Captain was Thomas Brown
1841 to 1846
Lloyds Registers reveal that Bombay, India was the destination
The ship was sold to Thompson and Co.
Master was Thomas Brown
The ‘Simon Taylor’ was listed with Lloyd’s Register as destined for Bombay, India, however, the ship docked at Fremantle, Western Australia in August 1842 with 219 passengers (Assisted migrants, many of whom were indentured to persons already resident in the colony and 18 Parkhurst boys). Passage cost 4 pounds and 18 shillings.
1843 to 1846
Lloyds Registers reveal that Bombay, India was the destination.
1847 to 1849  
Lloyds Registers reveal that Calcutta, India was the destination.
7 June 1849
While returning from Jamaica the ship was driven ashore on the shingles off the south coast of England & subsequently broke up
1849 onwards
There is no records in the Lloyd Register after that date.



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