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Charlotte LAMB and her husbands

I began my research with my husband, Christopher R. Brandis and traced back from there.

When I got to the first Brandis' to come to Western Australia I decided that I would change the way the research was heading and try and trace all the descendants of just that one couple. At this stage it looks like all the people named Brandis in the entire state of Western Australia are direct descendants of Charlotte and her husband William.

Charlotte LAMB was born in about 1816, and she was baptized on 17 Mar 1816, at Great Tew,,OXF,ENG, 1

Charlotte married for the first time in Great Tew,OXF,ENG,1 in 1835, to William BRANDIS who was born in or about 1811.

William Brandis was baptized on 8 Dec 1811, at Combrook,WAR,ENG,2 (He was the son of David and Mary BRANDIS).

William BRANDIS and his wife Charlotte arrived at Fremantle on the coast of Western Australia to begin their new lives aboard the 'Palestine' on 28th April 1853. They bought with them their 7 children. Unfortunatly their youngest, Cathi died on the trip but Charlotte gave birth to a son, Joseph, also on the voyage. [Ref: Microfiche; ARR/FREM 1829-90 (Battye) BRAD 003] William and all his children bar Joseph were christened at Combrook, Warwickshire, England.

William died during the month of Aug 1853, Near Upper Swan,WA in Australia.

Charlotte remarried some 16 months later on 2 Jan 1855, in Guildford,Perth,WA,AUS,3 John BROWNING, born in 1821, (son of Richard BROWNING). John died on 4 Feb 1890, Guildford,Perth,WA,AUS.

Charlotte died 15 Dec 1891, WA,AUS.1

John arrived on "Pyrenees" on 28 Jun 1851. (Wife and 2 children left in England.) Married Charlotte in 1855 in WA. Records have hime as a yoeman in the Swan Districts, Chittering. A poultry farmer at Greenough during 1867-1885. And a labourer. Between the years1865-1869 he employed 8 ticket of leave men, including a builder in 1865, a well sinker in 1866 & a fencer in1869.

children by William BRANDIS:

John BRANDIS born ABT 1836, Baptized: 8 May 1836, Combrook,,WAR,ENG,2 died 28 Jul 1869, Yardarino,,WA,AUS4 buried Greenough,,WA,AUS.5 John died in 1869 at Yardarino, near Dongara, WA. He burnt to death in a hut. It appears that he never married.

Elizabeth BRANDIS born ABT 1838.

David BRANDIS born 1838.

William BRANDIS born ABT 1842, Baptized: 20 Nov 1842, Combrook,,WAR,ENG,2 died BEF 1846.

Death date assumed as the next son is also named William and only one William BRANDIS (jr) came with his parents William and Charlotte to WA in 1852.

William BRANDIS born ABT 1846,2 Baptized: 7 Jun 1846, Combrook,,WAR,ENG,2 died 11 Feb 1908,. Geraldton,,WA,AUS.6 ...According to the Anglican Church records on microfilm, we have been able to establish that a William BRANDIS from Dongara was buried on 12 Feb 1908 at the age of 73 and that W. Moore performed the ceremony. However we have been unable to find the name listed in the Cemetery records from Geraldton or Dongara that we have in stock in the library...item in the Geraldton newspaper of 11 Feb 1908...

Mary BRANDIS born 1848.

Catherine BRANDIS born ABT 1851, ,,,ENG, Baptized: 30 Mar 1851, Combrook,,WAR,ENG,2 died 1852/53, at sea.7

Joseph BRANDIS born 1853.

children by John BROWNING:


Alfred BROWNING born 2 Nov 1855.

Ruth BROWNING born 1858.



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