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Mullewa Police Station

The area around Mullewa was the scene of Aboriginal and white settler conflict which started when a shepherd was speared and killed by Aborigines. A number of Aborigines were hanged at Butterabby, a few kilometers south of Mullewa. Three graves at Butterabby serve as a reminder of the events which occurred in the 1860's.

A movement towards local government was first made in 1894 and the Mullewa Road Board held its first meeting in 1911 (UBD WA Street Directory).

A police station was opened at Mullewa on January 1, 1895; closed in 1900 and reopened on August 25, 1911.

The police buildings were badly in need of repair in April 1952. The verandah flooring in front of the office and quarters was unsafe. The front steps to the quarters had collapsed and had been rep..... The second officer's quarters were condemned and .... had been received for the construction of new quarters.

The contract for the renovation of the police station and quarters was completed and ready to had over to the police on January 1, 1954.

There was some doubt as to the suitability of the proposed new police office and court room. It was agreed the situation was not ideal but acceptable for a town which was not large enough to warrant a separate court house. Mr David Brand MLA for the district, was reassured by the Minister of Police on January 5, 1955 that the new building would be completely detached from the quarters and would serve the dual purpose of police office and court room.

Construction was deferred until the 1959.1960 Loan Works programme. The tender submitted by Mr A Ravi, Osborne park, Perth , for 19,215 pounds for the erection of the new police station, court room and cells were completed on December 23, 1960 and opened in 1961.

The quarters of the Officer in Charge was repaired and renovated at a cost of 2,902 pounds by Mt T J Jamar in 1965 and new quarters were erected in 1977.



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