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Whilst at the Public Records OFfice in Melbourne {Vict/Aust] I made note of a series of information which is Correspondence of the Police Magistrate 1836 - 1839. the letters and correspondence deals with such articles as:-

Authorization of transfer of Assigned Servants from VDL to Port Phillip with their masters - 1836

1836 - Cencus for Victoria [I am not sure if this actually details names]

Colonial Secretary re Timber Licences
Letters about the appointments of Early SURveyors, Postmasters, ect
Indents of prisoners sent from NSW between 1830 - 1835
Letters about Prisoners absconding
a letter about 27 prisoners sent from NSW to assit with survey departments[they used the prisoners for such things as grubbing and clearing blocks etc]

There are letters detailing the weekly returns of all prisoners received in HM Gaol
Weekly returns of all prisoners [mechanics] workin under the Superindent of Clerk of Works.
A letter about JOHN OBRIEN absconding
a letter about GEORGE COMMERFORD escaping from police custody
a letter about a certificate of Freedom for prisoners WATT and RICHARDSON
a letter about JOHN MILLS freedom certificate
a letter about WILLIAM JOHNSOn who had died and his property - 1838
a letter re the Marriage of C.BIRD - J.STODDART- where the bride was supposed to be under age.[written by Rev FOrbes] - 1838
a letter which details a nominal list of Police in Stations in Port Phillip - 1839
a return of IMMIGRANTS for permant settlement.1839

there are many letter where the writer was applying for bounties for immigrant pre 1839
a return of Baptism, Marriages and Burials 1839
passengers per ship "SAINT MUNGO" 6 Dec 1839

There correspondence is an incredible source of information.

There is an index in a folder which one can go through - then the corresponding number is matched against a series and box number which is order up from the repository and then can be accessed and photocopied..

This information was kindly supplied by Jenny Fawcett, who is not available to do lookups.

REF: email to by Jenny Fawcett on 16 July 1998



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