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A list of convicts

Subject: Hi to all on the list,

I thought some of you may be interested in this list of convicts who were to be transported from Sydney to Port Macquarie and Moreton Bay on December 26, 1832. I came across this during the course of my research and I have included the Colonial Secretary's letter accompanying the list. I don't have any further information on the convicts mentioned but this should be available at the State Archives Office in Sydney.

Colonial Secretary's Office,
Sydney, 26 December 1832.


In transmitting to you the accompanying list of thirty one Prisoners/Specials and others under order of removal to Port Macquarie. I am directed to request that they may be immediately embarked onboard the Isabella, and that in like manner, the fifteen male and two female prisoners whose names are also annexed, may be shipped from the Hulk and the Goal on board the same vessel for conveyance under sentence to Moreton Bay. You will be pleased to take care that the men are properly ironed and that all are carefully searched.

Signed Alex McLeay.

(name is illigible), Thomas Mermaid
ANDERSON, Francis Albion
BRADY, John City of Edinburgh
BROWN, William Parmelia
CAMPICE, John (looks like) Andromeda
COGAN, William Eliza
FLAHERTY, Edward Dunvegan Castle
GASCOYNE, Thomas Amelia (was this a convict ship?)
GOODWIN, William Planter
HARRIS, Thomas Parmelia
HORAN, Patrick Dunvegan Castle
JOHNSTON, William (ship's name is illegible)
JONES, Richard Mermaid
KELLY, Denis Lady Castlereagh.
KEMP, Charles Lady Harewood
LEWIN, James Clyde
LONG, Moses Phoenix
McDERMOTT, John (alias Dr. Burke.
(name crossed off list and noted "not to be sent.")
Dunvegan Castle
MORGAN, John T. Lady Harewood
MULVEY, Hugh City of Edinburgh
(A Moreton Bay runaway)
St. Vincent
RILEY, Charles Lady Harewood
SIMPSON, A.T. Amelia (was this a convict ship?)
SMITH, George Lady Harewood
SMITH, James Lady Harewood
THOMPSON, Henry Amelia (was this a convict ship?)
WHYSHALL, Robert Parmelia
WILLIAMS, ? (ship's name is illegible)
WILSON, John John
WILSON, John Eliza


William Beeford (hard to read) Shipley
Henry BYRNE Prince Regent
John CORBET Asia
William HARRISON (Ship's name illigible)
Cath HYAM Brothers
Matthew JACKSON Claudine
Joseph JONES
Runaway brought up in the office??
? Castlereagh
Hannah LOUDY Burrell
William MOORE ? Huntley
Edward PICKING Candry
William SMITH or LINETH (hard to read) York
Alex STEENSON (hard to read) Castle Forbes


John ATKINS Dick
John ELLIS Cambridge
William HALL (Ship's name illigible)
William PLATT St. Vincent
Edward WILLIAMS Hebe

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