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Extract from the Age newspaper
October 17, 1854

Shopping Advertisements
"For Hobart Town, the fine favorite (sic) fas sailing colonial built Schooner GOLDSEEKER, 166 tons, Captain Henry Wilson, will be sailing on or about the 17th instant.

Cargo will be received all this day at the Old Shed.

Cabin passage, 6 pounds
Steerage, 6 pounds
[NB: a pound was converted in 1966 to $2]

For freight or passage apply on board to G.S.WILSON or to THOMAS AUSTIN, 25 William Street."

FREE PASSAGE TO VAN DIEMEN'S Land - A free passage can be obtained to Hobart Town or Launceston, by mechanics, farming-men, working men, male and female house-servants of all classes, who are willing to proceed to that colony where immediate and constant employment and liberal wages can be obtained by any number of the above classes.

Apply to HENRY DOWNER, Emigration Agent, Van Diemen's Land Emigration Office, Flinders Street Wharf, Melbourne."

"FOR GEELONG - The swift and powerful Clyde-built paddle steamer SHANDON, John Anderson, Commander will leave the Queen's Wharf, Melbourne, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at half past ten o'clock a.m., and returns leaving Geelong at the same hour on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. - WHARTON, CAIRD and LITTLE, Queen Street, South.

Mr LITTLEJOHN will take charge of any goods sent down to the SHANDON in the course of the day."

"New Steamer BREADALBANE - This fast and powerful steamer, D. Graham, Commander, will leave the Queen's Wharf for Geelong, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at eleven o'clock, forenoon, returning from Geelong at the same hour on alternate days. - DUNCAN McMURRICH, 29 Flinders Lane West and THOMPSON, HEADRICK and SMITH, Geelong agents.

Mr Thompson or Mr Aitken is on the steamboat wharf from 12 o'clock to receive goods."

"REDUCTION OF FARES to Williamstown per Steamer VESTA, J.T. Potter, Commander.

Cabin, 3 s
Fore cabin, 2s
[NB: a shilling was converted in 1966 to 10 cents]

Will Leave Cole's Wharf at
from Williamstown
6 a.m.
1/4 to 9 a.m.
10 1/2 a.m.
1 p.m.
4 p.m.
5 and 1/4 p.m.

" For Geelong direct, the fine Clipper Schooner SWANSEA PACKET, L.T. Castle, master, will sail on or about the 18th instant. Cargo is now being received at the Queen's Wharf.

For freight, &c., apply to the Captain on board: or to THOMAS AUSTIN, Agent, 25 William Street."

"NOTICE - The favourite Steamer DUNCAN HOYLE, will discontinue her trips to and from Geelong until further notice; being laid up for extensive alterations. All goods intended for her, will be taken charge of, and forwarded per SHANDON, by Mr. LITTLEJOHN, Wharf."

"STEAM TUG AND LIGHTERAGE COMPANY. - The Steamers "SOPHIA", 75 horse-power; "GYPSY", 40 horse-power and "COMET" 40 horse-power, can always be obtained to towing, carrying passengers and lightering at current rates. Also lighters to undertake the discharge of ships with the heaviest cargoes in the shortest possible time and on the shortest notice.

All orders left at the office, on board the steamers, or the Melbourne Coal Hulk in the Bay, punctuality attended to. - GEO. A. MOURITZ. 16 King Street."

"THE Steamers LIONESS, MAITLAND, KANGAROO and ADA, can be engaged for the towage of vessels, by application to captain Dallimore on board the coal hulk St. George, Hobson's Bay, and to COLE, BRUCE 7 NORTON. Cole's Wharf, June 1854"

"Ships for Sale, at the office of CHAS NEVINS, 45, William Street, where all particulars can be had, also Surveys, Estimates, Valuations, &c. of all Vessels.

Barque, Norway, 301 tons register, 500 tons burthen.
Brig, Ma. Taylor, 148 tons register, 270 tons burthen
Brig, Ruby 254 tons register, 230 tons burthen
Schooner, Harbinger 97 tons register, 160 tons burthen
Schooner,Atlanta 74 tons register, 110 tons burthen
do Hirondell 125 tons register, 200 tons burthen
Store-ship Helen 550 tons register
and other vessels at various sizes, classes &c.,

CHAS NEVINS, Agent for purchase and sale of Ships, Steamboats and Lighters, &c."


REF: email to by Lee Power on 5 May 1998
"The original source is the first Age Newspaper in Victoria - but as the document is rather fragile, I will not be accessing it for individual lookups - thought instead I would transcribe all I could onto the net for all to read."
source the Age Newspaper of Tuesday Oct 17,1854



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