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The following information has been collected from the original St Catherine's House Indices by Kerry Brandis March 1988.


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Birth listings from Sept 1837-Sept1925 inclusive.

Surname  Christian Name   Place     Reference

BRANDIS  Thomas              Marylebone     I 216          Jun    1839 
BRANDIS  Jane                Stratford      XVI 481        Jun    1840 
BRANDIS Louisa Ann Sherbourne VIII 96 Dec 1840
BRANDIS (Female) Stratford XVI 477 Mar 1841
BRANDIS Mary Wilton VIII 429 Sep 1842
BRANDIS William Stratford XVI 463 Dec 1842 BRANDIS James Foleshill XVI 404 Jun 1843 BRANDIS Thomas Foleshill XVI 402 Jun 1844 BRANDIS Elizabeth Ann Sunderland XXIV 317 Sep 1844 BRANDIS Lydia Shoreditch II 446 Mar 1845 BRANDIS George ?Wilton XIII 457 Jun 1845 BRANDIS David Foleshill XVI 445 Jun 1846 BRANDIS Ann Shoreditch II 429 Sep 1846 BRANDIS ??George Henry Lincoln XIV 448 Jun 1847 BRANDIS Jane Shoreditch II 413 Sep 1848 BRANDIS Caroline Shoreditch II 492 Mar 1851 BRANDIS Catherine Stratford XVI 579 Jun 1851 BRANDIS Walter Birmingham 6d 30 Jun 1852 BRANDIS Louisa Shoreditch 1c 158 Jun 1853 BRANDIS Mary Shoreditch 1c 150 Sep 1855 BRANDIS ArthurWilliam Stratford 6d 439 Sep 1855 BRANDIS Sarah Shipston 6d 561 Mar 1859 BRANDIS ClementRobert Aston 6d 211 Sep 1857 BRANDIS Joseph Shipston on S 6d 563 Mar 1858 BRANDIS George Henry Shoreditch 1c 187 Dec 1859 BRANDIS Lester George? Aston 6d 301 Mar 1860 BRANDIS Rebecca Shoreditch 1c 167 Dec 1860 BRANDIS Eliza Shipston 6d 571 Jun 1861 BRANDIS William Augustus Shoreditch 1c 163 Jun 1861 BRANDIS Mary Elizabeth Hackney 1b 409 Jun 1863 BRANDIS George Joseph Shipston 6d 548 Dec 1864 BRANDIS Thomas Percy W.Derby 8b 383 Dec 1864 BRANDIS Emily Charlotte Hackney 1b 430 Jun 1865 BRANDIS Annie Elizabeth W.Derbyshire 8b 310 Mar 1868 BRANDIS Hannah Shipston 6d 638 Jun 1873 BRANDIS Agnes Caroline Richmond,S 2a 304 Sep 1873 BRANDIS Ernest Charles W.Derby 8b 377 Mar 1874 BRANDIS John Edward C Scarbro. 9d 332 Jun 1874 BRANDIS Gertrude Evelyn Salford 8d 182 Mar 1883 BRANDIS Leonard Arthur Salford 8d 154 Dec 1884 BRANDIS Amy Nanfan Salford 8d 146 Dec 1886 BRANDIS William Henry Poplar 1c 573 Dec 1886 BRANDIS Augustus Benjamin W.Ham 4a 250 Sep 1889 BRANDIS Florence Elizabeth W.Ham 4a 265 Sep 1891 BRANDIS Susan Maud W.Ham 4a 246 Sep 1893 BRANDIS Harold Guy W.Ham 4a 270 Sep 1895 BRANDIS Winifred Mary W.Ham 4a 312 Dec 1898 BRANDIS Dorothy Kathleen W.Ham 4a 400 Mar 1901 BRANDIS Florence Toxteth Park 8b 176 Sep 1901 BRANDIS Charles Henry Stratford 6d 699 Mar 1903 BRANDIS Edith Mary Stratford 6d 705 Jun 1904 BRANDIS Martha Kate Shipston 6d 741 Sep 1907 BRANDIS Lionel George Shipston 6d 670 Dec 1909 BRANDIS Rebecca(Rathaser) Mile End 1c 629 Dec 1913 BRANDIS William T.(Green) Stratford 6d 1416 Dec 1915 BRANDIS Cyril H. (Wilson) Romford 4a 922 Dec 1916 BRANDIS Stanley V.(Wilson) W.Ham 4a 466 Sep 1918

*Name in brackets in last 4 entries is the mother's maiden name


Death listings found for the following periods:

Mar 1852-Mar1857
Mar 1861-Dec1907

Surname Christian Name      Place           Reference        

BRANDIS  Ann                      Banbury         XVI9    Jun1838
BRANDIS  Thomas                   Marylebone      I/173   Dec1839
BRANDIS  John                     Rugby           XVI303  Dec1840
BRANDIS  James                    Liverpool       20t388  Sep1842
BRANDIS  Adelaide                 Stratford       16/345  Dec1842
BRANDIS  James                    Foleshill       16/264  Jun1843
BRANDIS  Charlotte                Sherbourne      8/70    Dec1843
BRANDIS  Mary                     Wilton          8/377   Mar1844
BRANDIS  Sarah                    Alcester        6d315   Sep1852
BRANDIS  Christopher              Wilton          5a156   Jun1853
BRANDIS  Walter                   Aston           6d158   Jun1854
BRANDIS  Sarah                    Stratford on    6d333   Mar1857
BRANDIS  Martha                   Stratford       6d331   Mar1861
BRANDIS  (Male)?                  Shoreditch      1c100      or65 


(For above death surname spelt Brandise)

BRANDIS   Ann [age43]                  Marylebone      1a342   Sep1868
BRANDIS   Ann [63]                     Alcester        6d331   Dec1868
BRANDIS   Edwin [49]                   Shoreditch      1c3125  Mar1869
BRANDIS   Elizabeth [83]               Leicester       7a141   Dec1870
BRANDIS   Margaret Elizabeth [age39]   Chorlton        8c545   Dec1871
BRANDIS   Annie Elizabeth[4]           W.Derby         8b345   Dec1872
BRANDIS   Aaron [70]                   Wilton          5a121   Jun1873
BRANDIS   Katherine Cecilia [age3]     Richmond,S      2a170   Jun1873
BRANDIS   Mary [19]                    Shoreditch      1c107   Dec1874
BRANDIS   William [55]                 Salford         8d116   Dec1874
BRANDIS   Lydia [58]                   Epsom           2a4     Jun1878
BRANDIS   William [78]                 Alcester        6d345   Dec1880
BRANDIS   William [77]                 Sherbourne      5a243   Jun1882
BRANDIS   Sarah [50]                   Toxteth Park    8b206   Jun1883
BRANDIS   Thomas [51]                  Toxteth Park    8b204   Dec1884
BRANDIS   SarahElizabeth[22]           Salford         8d112   Sep1885
BRANDIS   Leonard Arthur[1]            Salford         8d89    Dec1885
BRANDIS   John [75]                    Chichester      2b305   Mar1886
BRANDIS   Joseph [86]                  Stratford       6d368   Dec1887
BRANDIS   Rebecca [86]                 Wilton          5a153   Mar1890
BRANDIS   Augustus Benjamin J. [age1]  W.Ham           4a155   Mar1891
BRANDIS   Elizabeth[79]                Bromley         2a242   Jun1892
BRANDIS   Lester George[34]            Salford         8d16    Mar1894
BRANDIS   George [69]                  Shipston        6d556   Mar1900
BRANDIS   Dorothy Kathleen[0]          W.Ham           4a224   Sep1901
BRANDIS   Marie [46]                   Godstone        2a143   Mar1903
BRANDIS   Henry [70]                   Christchurch    2b400   Jun1906
BRANDIS   Florence J. [76]             Rowley R.       9b373   Dec1950



Marriages for the following periods:


Surname   Christian Name     Place Reference                      

BRANDIS     Ann                   Marylebone   I166    Dec     1837    
BRANDIS     James                 St. Martin   I/144   Dec     1839    
BRANDIS     Edward                St.Geo.South 4/441   Jun     1844    
BRANDIS     Thomas                Sunderland   24/282  Dec     1844    
BRANDIS     Hannah                Stratford A  XVI489  Mar     1848    
BRANDIS     Betsey                Kensington   III297  Jun     1848    
BRANDIS     Mary Ann              Kensington   III275  Jun     1848    
BRANDIS     William               Sherbourne   VIII181 Dec     1850    
BRANDIFS    William??             Aston        XVI294  Sep     1851    


(Surname of above man recorded as Brandifs)

BRANDIS Jane                      Wilton       5a427          Dec      1852    
BRANDIS Georg Ludwig Christian                                                      
BRANDIS Districhs                 Steyning     2b277          Mar      1854    
BRANDIS Elizabeth                 Rugby        6d683          Dec      1854    
BRANDIS Jane               Stratford on Avon   6d640          Jun      1858    
BRANDIS Mary                      Leicester    7a420          Dec      1858    
BRANDIS Henry                     Sherbourne   5a603          Mar      1859    
BRANDIS Thomas                    W.Derby.     8b711          Dec      1862    
BRANDIS Margaresha Christine                                                        
BRANDIS Catherine                 Sculcoates   9d236          Mar      1863    
BRANDIS Louisa                    Sherbourne   5a589          Mar      1864    
BRANDIS Ann                       Shoreditch   1c369          Sep      1864    


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