Genealogical Data

'Lord Burleigh' England to New Zealand

..August 8 Lord Burleigh Ship 622 tons. A.C.Clarke Master from London.....


Mrs Harriet Acland
Miss Emily Acland
W. Angus
Martha Armstrong
John, Margaret, Margaret, John James Bacon
F. W. Bell
Alfred Bennett
Mrs Ellen Bennett and infant
Thomas Bennett
Mrs Mary Booth
Thomas J. Booth
James, Elizabeth, John, Peter, James, Agnes, Janet, Elizabeth Brown
Janet, Janet Campbell
Mr Alex V. Carpendale
F. Dawson
D. Fisher
Margaret, John, James, Margaret, Robert, Agnes, Catherine Fisher
Eleen Gibbons
Elizabeth Glasford
John, Georgina, Ellen, Maria Goodwin
Ann, Caroline, James, Ann Hicton
D. Horner
Elizabeth Humphreys
Ann, Rebecca, Thos Johnston
James Lyons
Robert Lyons
W. Marshall
Patrick, Christopher Martin
Jessie, Allison, Catherine, Ann, James, Lloyd, Mary, Margaret, George McCaul
Colin McDonald
J. Morris
Allen, Robert, Janet Millar
David, Mary, Mary, George Morton
Agnes, Elizabeth, Agnes Muir
Margaret, William, John, Robert, Margaret, George Nairn
John and Jane Nelson
Hector, Ann, John, Isabella, John, Ann Norman
W. Philcox
J. G. Pratt
George A. Purvis
R. Randley
W. F. Ripley
Matthias Rowe
Mr H. Rowe and infant
Thomas and Jane Sherson
John, Clarissa, Jessima, John, Thomas, Mary, Ellen, Maria, Jane, Samuel Short
Mary F. Sims
Thomas Smith
Andrew, Mary, Janet Stewart
Charles, Mary, Mary Ann, Robert, Sarah, Mary Ann, Robert, Rosa, Margaret, Susannah, Christina Strong
G. Sutton
E. Tremain
Mary A. Tremain
W. W. Wallis
Charles Walters
W. Young

....12 cabin and 126 second cabin and steerage. Brown and Campbell Agents....

From the Boat tickets.....

Margaret, Sussannah and Christina Strong. Lord Burleigh. 8.8.56


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