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Shipwreck Relief & Humane Society of N.S.W.

The following is a list of people who received an award from the Shipwreck Relief & Humane Society of N.S.W. on the 16th Sep. 1918. I believe this society gave awards for bravery - all concerning water. I have included the place where each event occurred.

If anyone wishes further information on a listed name, feel free to e-mail me.

John Downey URQUHART - Newcastle Harbour

William Glyndwr JOHN - Newcastle Harbour

Thomas Steven MOORE - Between Cockatoo Island & Elliot St. Wharf

Willis John FRASER (age 15) - Murrumbidgee River, Hay

William James Stanley HAYES - No. 4 Wharf, Dawes Point

William Arthur FOX - Abbotsford

John A. WITCOMBE (age 15) - Murrumbidgee River, Hay

Edward FAHY - Bronte Beach

Lawrence Henry Peter BAKER (age 11) - Marrickville

Henry Frederick FINN (age 14) - Auburn

Harry Francis CRAWFORD - Tangarra Street, Enfield

Lieutenant John Stewart WHITELAW - Watson's Bay

Alan EDWARDS (youth) - Watson's Bay

Gordon Herbert William GODDARD (age 8) - Berry's Bay, North Sydney

Sergeant Sydney Walter MORGAN (Military Forces) - Parsley Bay

1st Class Constable Percy WOOD (N.S.W. Police) - Yamba ?(hard to read)

Alfred MURRAY -

Edward William CLARKE - between Sydney & Lavender Bay

William Joseph FITZGERALD - Bronte Beach

Thomas Charles COOLEY - Port Kembla

Charles GARARD - Merrylands

Edwin Ernest SARGEANT - Newcastle

Victor Miles GRIFFITHS (age 15) - Tuncurry

Hugh Frederick WARD - Rose Bay

Oliver Clyde MARCHANT (age 14) - Brooklyn

Jean COOPER (age 10) - Spit Baths



REF: email to by Alison Dysart on 21 May 1998



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