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Descendants of Charlotte LAMB
and her husbands

Second Generation

Elizabeth BRANDIS(daughter of William BRANDIS and Charlotte LAMB) born ABT 1838, Baptized: 4 May 1838, Combrook,,WAR,ENG,2 married 23 May 1855, in Guildford,Perth,WA,AUS,8 Henry George STUDSOR(STUDZER), born 1 Aug 1832,4 (son of Michael STUDSOR died 25 Oct 1904, ,Upper Swan,WA,AUS,4 Elizabeth died 17 May 1860, ,Upper Swan,WA,AUS.4 Elisabeth arrived at Fremantle with her parents aboard the 'Palestine' on 28 Apr 1853. [note: The Bicentenial Dictionary has her having a child in 1952 in WA so I assume there is a date mix-up. Her wedding was registered in 1855 so I am assuming that the 5 & 2 look alike on the original birth certificate and/or marriage certificate. I don't have copies of either to check.] When Elizabeth died in 1860 she was only 22.


son of Michael and Maria STUDSOR. see Bicentenial book for details re their descendants. Owned Perth town lot 1855. Farmer, woodcutter & sawyer at Swan & Gingin by 1862. Employed 4 T/L men on occasions 1865-1881 Remarried two years after his first wife died at the age of 22.

children of Henry STUDSOR and Elizabeth BRANDIS

Henry M. STUDSOR born 1852.4 [I question his birth date as his mother didn't arrive in WA until 28 Apr 1853 ]

Henry George STUDSOR born 1856.4

Mary Ann(e) (Susannah) STUDSOR born 1857.

Elizabeth STUDSOR born 1857,4 died 1858/60.4

v William STUDSOR born 1858,4died 1861.4

David BRANDIS (son of William BRANDIS and Charlotte LAMB) born 1838,4 Baptized: 6 Jul 1840, Combrook,,WAR,ENG,2 married 19 Apr 1869, in Greenough,,WA,AUS,9 Elizabeth DEWAR, born Jul 1847, Colston Farm,,WA,AUS,4 (daughter of Alexander DEWAR and Elizabeth COOK) died 18 Mar 1884, Greenough,,WA,AUS,10 buried Mar 1884, Greenough,,WA,AUS,11 David died 1891, Geraldton,,WA,AUS.12

Both David and Elizabeth were unable to sign their names when they married. David, along with his parents and siblings arrived at Fremantle aboard to 'Palestine' on 28 April 1853. 1869 David married Elizabeth at the home of Mr Robert BELL by Rev. Charles CLAY. The wedding was witnessed by John KNAPP and John BROWNING (David's step father).David was 27 and Elizabeth was 21.

Their first child was born at Irwin River. When Elizabeth died in 1884, David was left with 5 children aged from 13 to 2 yrs old. In just 9 years he loses his wife and four of his children. 1896 David died, leaving his five children aged from George, 25 yrs old to Charlotte Elizabeth aged just 13 years. George marries in 1900 and his marriage is witnessed by David's step father, John BROWNING.

children David BRANDIS and Elizabeth DEWAR

John BRANDIS born 3 Mar 1870, Irwin River,,WA,AUS,13 Baptized: 24 Jun 1870,1 died 27 Mar 1881, Greenough,,WA,AUS,14 buried Greenough, WA,AUS. 15

George BRANDIS born 24 Oct 1871.

Elizabeth BRANDIS born 1874.

David BRANDIS born Jan/Feb1875, Greenough,,WA,AUS,16 Baptized: 9 Jul 1875, Greenough Flats,WA,AUS,17 died 13 Jul 1875, Greenough,,WA,AUS,18 buried 1875, Greenough,,WA,AUS.18 Died aged 5 months

William BRANDIS born 1876, Greenough,,WA,AUS,19 Baptized: 23 Apr 1876, Greenough Flats,WA,AUS.17

David BRANDIS born 1878, Greenough,,WA,AUS,20Baptized: 27 Apr 1879, Greenough Flats,WA,AUS17 died 7 Nov 1947, Geraldton,,WA,AUS.1

Joseph BRANDIS born Feb 1880, Greenough,,WA,AUS,21 Baptized: 22 Aug 1880, Greenough Flats,WA,AUS,17 died 20 Mar 1881, Greenough Flats,WA,AUS,22buried 1881, Greenough Flats,WA,AUS.23

Charlotte Elizabeth BRANDIS born 2 Mar 1882.

Unnamed Stillborn BRANDIS born 2 Mar 1884, Greenough,,WA,AUS,24 died 2 Mar 1884,25 buried 2 Mar 1884, Greenough,,WA,AUS.26

Mary BRANDIS (daughter of William BRANDIS and Charlotte LAMB) born 1848, Baptized: 8 Oct 1848, Combrook, WAR,ENG,2

married (1) 1862, in Champion Bay,Geraldton,WA,AUS,27 George BACKSHALL, born 18274 (son of William BACKSHELL and Lydia _____) died 28 Jul 1869,4

married (2) 1870, in ,Irwin,WA,AUS,28 Bernard LEONARD, born 1832, died 8 Mar 1873, Greenough,,WA,AUS,

married (3) 1874, in ,Greenough,WA,AUS,29 Henry COOPER, died ABT 1877, ,,WA,AUS,

married (4) 1877, in Geraldton,,WA,AUS,30 Absolom BICKLEY, born 1843.

Mary died 21 Jul 1934, ,,WA,AUS.1


George arrives in Fremantle WA aboard the "Simon Taylor" on 20 Aug 1842. Parents -William & Lydia BACKSHALL


Expiree, arrived 10 Jul 1855 per "Adelaide". A labourer of Dongara WA and of RC faith.


Born 1843, unmarried - trimmer Litterate, Protestant (CofE), convicted at Nottingham, ENg. in 1863 of Robbery with Violence. Sentenced to 20 years. Arrived per "Racehorse" on 10 Aug 1865. (No. 8218). Ticket of leave 10 Oct 1874 at Guildford. Certificed free 25 Aug at Perth, Fremantle. Occupations: Labourer, General Servant, Mason, Wood cutter and Quarryman. His step daughter, Caroline COOPER was killed in an explosion at the Fremantle Quarries on 3 Feb 1888.

children by George BACKSHALL:

Mary BACKSHALL has 13 children alltogether.

Alfred William BACKSHALL born 4 Jan 1865.

children by Bernard LEONARD:

John LEONARD born 1871, Dongara,,WA,AUS.31

children by Henry COOPER:

Caroline COOPER born 1875, Geraldton,,WA,AUS,32died 3 Feb 1888, Quarrie,Fremantle,WA,AUS.4

Harry COOPER. Registrar General of WA, Births 1841-1880 - Henry J. COOPER Reg. Geraldton 18371/1877

This could be him! Harry was raised with Esme BICKLEY's father and his siblings [half brothers]. He served in 1914-1918 war and married an English girl and they had two children.

children by Absolom BICKLEY:

Samuel Absolom BICKLEY.

Thomas George BICKLEY died ABT 1914. Thomas was Killed in action, 16th Batt. 1914-1918. He was unmarried at the time.

William Wallace BICKLEY.


Alexander BICKLEY.


Joseph BRANDIS (son of William BRANDIS and Charlotte LAMB) born 1853, at sea,1 married 29 Jan 1879, in Greenough,,WA,AUS,33 Mary Anne STEVENS, born 1863, Guildford,Perth,WA,AUS, (daughter of John STEVENS and Ann BEASLEY) Joseph died 10 Aug 1919.1 Joseph Arrived at Fremantle WA on 28 Apr 1853 aboard the "Palestine". Also on board were his parents and siblings. Labourer of Greenough (1880-9 Alm). He was illiterate but his wife was not. Joseph was 25 at time of his marrage and Mary was 15.

children of Joseph BRANDIS and Mary Anne STEVENS

William Joseph BRANDIS born 15 Feb 1880, Greenough,,WA,AUS,34 Baptized: 14 Mar 1880, Greenough, WA,AUS.17

Emily Jane BRANDIS born 8 Feb 1882, Dongara,,WA,AUS.35 A Emily BRANDIS married Charles Glynn CRIDDLE in 1912. CG CRIDDLE was born on 24 Jun 1884 to John and Ester [BRIGHT] CRIDDLE. [ref: book,"Descendants of William CRIDDLE and Ester THOMAS" sighted at Greenough Flour Mill Museum.1992] If this is her, she would have been 30 to his 28.

Sydney BRANDIS born 25 Apr 1883, Dongara,,WA,AUS.36

Selina May BRANDIS born 10 Jul 1885, Greenough,,WA,AUS,37 married 1904, in Irwin River,,WA,AUS,38

? _____.

Frederick Charles BRANDIS born 14 May 1890, Dongara,,WA,AUS39

Silas John BRANDIS born 23 Jan 1893.

Hannah Maud BRANDIS born 20 Nov 1895, Greenough,,WA,AUS.40

Eva Jane BRANDIS born 9 Feb 1899, Irwin River,,WA,AUS.41

Holly Evelyn BRANDIS born 18 Aug 1901, Irwin River,,WA,AUS.42

Ivy Laura BRANDIS born 17 Jul 1904.

Alfred BROWNING born 2 Nov 1855, ,Swan District,WA,AUS, married 24 May 1881, in Greenough,,WA,AUS43

Mary Anne ANDERSON, born 22 May 1863, Toodyay,,WA,AUS, died 1940. Farmer at Strawberry, WA (near Dongara) & at Dongara & Sth Greenough (1876-1889 Alm.) Labourer by 1905. Employed a T/L servant 1875. C/E. Mary: Daughter of James and Sarah ANDERSON.

children of Alfred BROWNING and Mary Anne ANDERSON

Edith Mary BROWNING born 1881.

Alfred BROWNING born 1883, died 1949.

Charles BROWNING born 1885, died 1967.

Walter BROWNING born 1887, died 1952.

John (Bert) BROWNING born 1889, died 1952.

Edward BROWNING born 1891, died 1953.

Henry BROWNING born 1894, died 1965.

Elisa BROWNING born 1896, died 1981.

Ivy Doris BROWNING born 1899, died 1973.

Laura BROWNING born 1905, died 1945.

Ruth BROWNING born 1858,4 married 14 Dec 1874, in ,Greenough,WA,AUS,44 William PURCELL, born 1854,

died 22 Jun 1906. Ruth died 1934.4

children of Ruth BROWNING and William PURCELL

Eliza Ruth PURCELL Baptized: 1878.

Joanna PURCELL Baptized: 1880.

Florence PURCELL born 1884.

Charles PURCELL Baptized: 1889.

John Thomas PURCELL Baptized: 1891, died 1921.

Matilda PURCELL Baptized: 1893.

Hilda Vera PURCELL Baptized: 1896.

Eva Frances PURCELL Baptized: 1898.



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