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Parkhurst boys on the
'Simon Taylor'

Included amongst the passengers of the 'Simon Taylor' were 18 Parkhurst boys. These boys varied in ages between 13 and 16 years and were being removed from the Parkhurst Prison under a conditional pardon from the Crown. (this pardon was forwarded to the Governor of the Colony by the same vessel).

The boys were to be regarded as ordinary emigrants but were subject to the guardian appointed for the voyage. The guardian was Samuel Caporn.

The names of the 18 boys were

Bolton, H Dixon, C Doughty, G
Harwood, J Hasler, B Hogan, S
Lane, J Mortimer, J Murphy, J
Murrell, J Neale, J Nimmo, J
Norton, K Strickland, R Taylor, S
Towton, Henry Alexander Tyne, J Wilson, H


The 'Simon Taylor' docked in Fremantle in August 1842 and a notice was inserted in the Government Gazette dated 23rd September 1842 calling for "Applicants for the services of any of these boys must be made to John Schoals Esq., Guardian under the Act".

By the end of 1842, nine boys were in a trade, six were farm lads and three were servants.

Further reading:

"The fate of the artful dodger" by Paul Buddee an excellent book on the Parkhurst boys.

Reference: Papers by Robert and Jenny Caporn



Born in Perth, Scotland on 29 April 1794, the son of Rev. Joshua CAPORN MA of Tengarick Bucks and a descendant of Huguenot family.

Married Ann VAUGHAN-EUSTACE c.1819.
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