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Extract from the Liverpool Times
Aug 3, 1854

"Vessels laid on at the Port of London for these Colonies:

September 1854

Continuation of previous extract titled: Vessels laid on at the Port of London for these colonies:

September: Asia, Melbourne
Severn, Portland Bay
Pacific, steamer, New South Wales, via St. Vincent, Cape and Melbourne
Rajasthan, with emigrants, New South Wales
Ouderdok Van Den Amsten, Dutch Ship, Melbourne
Orwell, Melbourne Via Southhampton, New South Wales, via King Georges Sound, Adelaide and Melbourne, H.M.Mails
Marseilles, New South Wales, via King Georges Sound, Adelaide and Melbourne, H.M. Mails
Euroalydon, (A), New South Wales;
Simlah, Wellington and Nelson
Josephine Willis, Auckland
Aeolite, Swan River WA

Vessels Loading for Australia - during the week four ships with an Aggregate of 3596 tons have been entered, and a total number now on the berth, though small, shall comprise some very fine craft, our shipowners surpassing all other in the three kingdoms for excellence of arrangement and moderation in charges.

The following lists contain the number of vessels with their tonnage, at present loading for the various ports:


Destination # ships Tonnage
Moreton Bay 1 364
Melbourne and Port Phillip 1 1765
Port Phillip 1 1040
Geelong 1 129
Adelaide 4 2815
Sydney 8 4659
Melbourne 15 15193


The sailings during the first week of September have been numerous, comprising eight vessels, with an aggregate of 7224 tons, namely four vessels to Melbourne, three to Sydney, and one to Geelong. During the month of July, two fine and fast sailing clippers, the redoubtable Marco Polo, and the equally celebrated Star of the East, have taken their departures, their passages will be noted with some interest. The other ships, if not so famous for speed, are generally larger as will be observed by our subjoined table and if they do not make quick passages, will at least maintain the good character for regularity of arrival which Liverpool vessels are now celebrated for throughout the world. The sailings of the month are seventeen vessels with an aggregate of 15911 tons. The tonnage of the unfortunate Dirigo, which appears in the list (1282 tons), will have to be deducted, she having returned to her port in a disabled state through sickness.
Ship Departed London Name Tonnage & Owner/Agent
For Hobart Town
July 2
Caroline Middleton 1050, Carter and Company
For Adelaide
July 6
Dirigo 1212 Millers and Thompson
For Geelong
July 29
Hornet 1215, Ratchford & Co
For Portland bay
July 8
Indian Ocean 1080, H.R. Hoskins
July 20 Bloomer 342, J. Bains & Co.
For Sydney
July 22
Estafette 438, Millers & Co
July 22 Stamboul 890, Imrie & Tomlinson
July 24 Rabinhaupt 498, Cowie & Co
For Melbourne
July 2
Neal Dow 107, H.E. Moss & Co
July 6 Star of the East 1219, J. Bains & Co
July 12 John Knox 1194, D. Gibb
July 15 Mindoro 1329, Miller & Thompson
July 18 Bee 1351, Gibbs, Bright & Co
July 21 Phoenix 906, P. Magee
July 22 Marco Polo 1625, J.Baines & Co
July 28 Emma 1049, Pilkington & Wilson
July 31 Androklos 330, Imri & Tomlinson


REF: email to by Lee Power on 25 April 1998
"The original source is the first Age Newspaper in Victoria - but as the document is rather fragile, I will not access it for individual lookups - thought instead I would transcribe all I could onto the net for all to read."
source Liverpool Times, 3rd August



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