Genealogical Data

Maori War names

taken from the Belfast Banner - newspaper - [Vic Australia] Aug 5 1868 containing some names of of those wounded or killed in part of the Maori War..

Captain ROSS - tomahawked and heart cut out
Constable ROSS - Shot
Constable GAYNOR - Shot
Srgt McFADDEN - SHot
Corporal John BLAKE - Shot
Constable HOLDEN - Shot on the parapet
Const LENNON - [canteen keeper] - mutilated
Constable BEAMISH - Shot
Constable SWORDS - shot

Const LACY - sverely
Const BEAMISH - severely
Const KIRKSHAW - severely
Const FLANNAGAN - wounded
Const TUFFIN - wounded


REF: email to by Jenny Fawcett on 12 August 1998



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