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Aboard the

The 'Warrior' was a barque, a three masted vessel with foremast and mainmasts square rigged, and mizen fore and aft rigged.

Hired by entrepreneur H.C. Sempill to ship 166 paying passengers, some 96 to be landed at Fremantle. Many of these 96 people were to make pioneering history.

Near Plymoth, the 'Warrior' was passed by the 'Protector'. Towards the end of October 1829, when the 'Warrior' had falled behind the 'Protector', the 'Warrior' was pursued by pirates.

The 'Warrior' tacked. She spread her wings, leaned forward and bit into the sea. She flew with the wind and outran the pirate ship.

A passenger aboard wrote:

"Today had a muster of all our rifles, guns and pistols to see what a respectable or rather formidable appearance would make in case of any pirates coming to visit us, and each suggested his plan of attack and defence and talked of deeds and valour to be done."

The 'Warrior' arrived at Table Bay at about the same time that the 'Protector' left.

The 'Warrior' arrived at its destination on 12 March 1830.




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