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The Ship Empress from London

The splendid American Clipper Ship Empress, in command of Captain Ellis, arrived in Harbour on Sunday night. In yesterdays issue we briefly announced her arrival, but owing to the late hour when she dropped anchor we were unable to give full report.

The following are the particulars of the voyage as kindly furnished us by Captain Ellis;

The Empress quitted Gravesend on the 3rd February, landed the pilot on the 5th and took her final departure from the Lizard on the 8th February. She crossed the Equator on the 3rd March, in 23* West, and was becalmed twelve days in from 15* to 20* South. On the 2nd April passed the Meridian of the Cape in 46* 28 S. and Desolation Island on the 11th of the same month, off which the vessel encountered strong gales and heavy confused seas, which caused her to roll and labour heavily for some days. When in longitude 163* the vessel experienced heavy Northerly gales, and was compelled to take the Southern route. The Snares were made on the 1st May only 81 days from home.

Experienced variables winds off the coast and was becalmed two days off the East Cape, after which she encountered a heavy North-Westerly gale, and arrived in Auckland at 11 pm on Sunday night, having taken pilot on board at Rangitoto at 10.30pm. The Empress has accomplished the passage in 95 days from the start, being the quickest made during the season. On her last trip she made the passage here in 92 days. on which occasion it will be remembered she brought the officers men of the Military Train.

The Empress brings a large cargo of general merchandise and nearly 300 passengers, a list of which we published our last. The greatest harmony appear to have prevailed amongst the during the voyage, and from the testimonials which appear else where, it will seem that the Captain, and Chief Office won the esteem and goodwill of those placed under their charge. Captain Ellis and Mr Drew The Chief Office, have now made two rapid voyages in the Empress to this port, and we must congratulate them upon their success.

Testimonials To The Captain and Chief Officer Of The Empress....

We have the great pleasure in Publishing the following testimonials...

Dear Sir.... Our pleasant and prosperous voyage being now nearly ended, we wish, ere we part from you and the good ship, to tender to you our admiration of your nautical ability as a Commander, your courtesy as a gentleman, and our gratitude for the anxiety you have always shown to afford us every comfort, and render the voyage an agreeable one. We therefore, have great pleasure in wishing you a safe and quick passage home, a happy reunion with your wife and family, and every success in your future career. We beg to subscribe ourselves your sincere well-wishes.

(Here follow the signatures, not printed in the paper)

To Captain E.P.Ellis, Ship Empress.....

Ship Empress May 13 1865

The undersigned passengers by the Ship Empress desire hereby to testify their unanimous sense and appreciation of the thorough nautical capacity and unfailing courtesy of manner displayed and maintained by the Chief Officer Mr Drew, during a long and arduous voyage, and also to make some acknowledgement of the able service rendered by him at all times in the working of the Ship. That his preserving efforts and praise worthy conduct may meet with success they merit, and that he may prosper in all his undertakings in the earnest hope of his sincere well-wishes.

(Here follow the Signatures, not printed in the paper)

To R.R.Drew Esq. Chief Officer, Ship Empress

Printed in the "Herald" Dated 16 May 1865

Passenger list of the 'Empress' 1865 from England to NZ


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