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Voyage aboard the
'Simon Taylor'

The 'Simon Taylor' departed from London on 29 April 1842. On board were a total of 245 persons.

Adults - 141 (82 males, 59 females)
Children between the ages of 7 and 14 years - 34 (20 males, 14 females)
Children under the age of 7 years - 44 (20 males, 24 females)
Crew - 26

During the 111 day non stop voyage there were two deaths, a male and a female child both under the age of 7 years. Happily there were also two births - one male and one female.

Arriving at Fremantle on 20 August 1842, the trip of 111 days was considered at the time to be a fast trip.

Included amongst the passengers were 18 Parkhurst boys. These boys varied in ages between 13 and 16 years and were being removed from the Parkhurst Prison under a conditional pardon from the Crown. (this pardon was forwarded to the Governor of the Colony by the same vessel).

Regulations were applicable to the owners and masters of the 'Simon Taylor' to provide medical comforts for the passengers which were to be as follows

per 100 passengers to be issued at the discretion of the Surgeon to the sick or the preserve the health of the passengers.

  • 1 cwt of oatmeal
  • 28 lbs of West India arrowroot
  • 150 lbs of sago for children under seven years of age
  • 50 lbs of preserved beef
  • 400 pints of lemon juice in one gallon stone bottles
  • 300 lbs of sugar
  • 60 lbs of scotch barley
  • 12 bottles of port wine
  • 12 bottles of sherry wine
  • 100 gallons of approved stout, at least 6 dozen bottles
  • 10 gallons of brandy
  • 10 gallons of rum
  • 10 gallons of vinegar
  • 6 dozen pints of preserved milk, only for infants who need it

The Surgeon Superintendent was Mr Cooper. His remuneration in addition to his free cabin passage was 10 shillings per head for each immigrant safely landed in the colony. The passengers were required to pay a deposit and pay the remainder of the fare of 14.18.00 within one year.

Samual Caporn was paid 5 for his duties as schoolteacher for the duration of the vouage and it is believed he was the guardian of the 18 Parkhurst boys. The 'Simon Taylor' arrived in Fremantle on Saturday 20 August 1842. The weather was 64 degrees F. There was a strong breeze and the sky was cloudy.

The newspaper of the day, 'The Inquirer' reported on Wednesday 24 August 1842

"By the arrival of the 'Simon Taylor', we have English news down to the 30th April last. The 'Simon Taylor' brings to this Colony, 219 emigrants, men, women children being the first lot consigned by the home Government on our labour fund. The health of the emigrants is reported to be very good, two out of the whole number shipped died on the passage from what cause we have not as yet heard" It also stated that two children were born. The newcomers were received on their landing by R. Brown Esq., the Resident Magistrate at Fremantle. "They are chiefly agricultural labourers, of the good old English sort, ruddy and smock-frocked, which we take to be the distinguishing marks of the English peasant".

The agents in Western Australia for the 'Simon Taylor' were Mangles and Co.

Papers by Robert and Jenny Caporn
'The Inquirer' 20 August 1842

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