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Extract from the Age newspaper
October 17, 1854


Monday 30th October, 1854. The new and fast-sailing Wooden Screw Steamer ZINGARI - to the Trading Community of Victoria, New South Wales, Adelaide, Van Diemen's Land &c, also the various companies now being formed for promoting Steam Communication. WM TENNANT and company have received instruction from Messrs. J. B. Were, Kent and Co. to sell by public auction at their rooms Collins Street, West on Monday, 30th instant at 12 o'clock, the Wooden Screw Steamer ZINGARI, 147 tons burthen and 60 horse power.

This superior and first class boat was built in London in 1852, of the best English oak, diagonal fastened, being traced together with strong iron straps. Scantling of oak and rock elm. She is brig rigged - has raised quarterdeck, 50 feet in length and superbly fitted up for the accommodation of 26 first class passenger. She has also a round-house on deck, 34 feet long, comprising officer's berths, &c., including cooking galley, &c.

Her engines are in first-rate working order, were made by the celebrated makers, Boulton and Walsh, are upon the low-pressure principle, working up to 60 horse power nominal. Number of revolutions, 56 to 66 per minute.

Her boilers are in good repair, and constructed to bear a pressure of steam 10 to the inch. The consumption of fuel is very small being 6.25 cwt., per hour working full speed. The coal bunkers are capable of storing 50 tons of coal, and so constructed as to defend the engine and boiler from the effects of shot.

In the engine-room is erected a donkey engine for pumping out water, and for a supply to wash decks with &c. This superior steamer is well supplied with general tackle, boats, and every requisite, titled to proceed to sea at once. She has iron water-tanks capable of holding about 7 tons of water. Her speed in ordinary weather under steam only is 14 knots per hour.

The auctioneers would invite the marine mercantile community and steam navigation companies to inspect this favourite vessel, feeding papers added that they offer no comment upon the capabilities as a steamer well suited to the present wants of the colony. Terms very liberal, declared at Sale


REF: email to by Lee Power on 9 June 1998
"The original source is the first Age Newspaper in Victoria - but as the document is rather fragile, I will not be accessing it for individual lookups - thought instead I would transcribe all I could onto the net for all to read."
source the Age Newspaper of Tuesday Oct 17,1854



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