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Extract from the Age newspaper

October 17, 1854


"BURGLARY - FIFTY POUNDS REWARD, Whereas between the hours of twelve and one o'clock on the night of the sixth instant, my Dwelling House, 211 Swanson Street, was entered through the window, and the following property stolen:-
No 2803-2808 - 6 gold Geneva, horizontal, gilt dials, 18 lines.
No 605-610 - 6 silver do hunters levers, enamelled dials, 18 lines.
168 silver, Geneva hunters horizontals- 1/2 and 3-4ths plate, silver and enamel dials, 16,17,18, and 19 chimes, names mostly Jocot, a Geneva:- Nos. 19151 - 19156 769 - 774 &c., to 3241 - 3246 &c.

In all 180 Watches.

Also a Writing Desk, containing different papers, acceptances, writing and drawing materials and 42 pounds in notes.

Army and navy engraved Colt's Revolver, complete in a case, with powder, balls, caps, &c.

The attention of watchmakers, pawn-brokers, auctioneers, dealers and others, is particularly requested to the number of each watch.

Fifty pounds reward will be given for such information as shall lead to the recovery of the missing property, or a proportionate sum to the amount recovered.

Information to LOUIS CHEVALIER, Watch Imported, 211 Swanston Street, or to the Detective Office."


" BURDELL & CO'S British and Australian Express, 99, Collins Street, opposite the Western Market, for Booking, Forwarding, and Delivering, as addressed, Gold Dust, Specie, Bankers', Solititors', and other valuable Packages, Parcels, and Merchandise, by Steamers, viz,- To Geelong, be every Steamer, in charge of a Special Messanger.

To Sydney, every Saturday, per Steamers London and Governor General, and oftener when desired.

To Launceston. by every Steam Packet. To Adelaide, by every Steam Packet.

To Ballarat daily, by Drays in Winter and Coach in Summer.To England, Ireland and Scotland by every Mail Steamer, and by quickest Clippers when necessary.

The value of all packages are covered by Insurance when desired, and are delivered by our agents immediately on arrival. Larger packages will be called for by our drays which run regularly to each Steamer. Principal Offices - Melbourne, 99 Great Collins Street, opposite the Western Market.

Geelong, Moorabool Street, Sydney, George Street, Mr Robert Campbell, Manager.

Launceston Steam Packet Wharf, Messrs. Williams and Gladman, Managers.

Adelaide, Norwich Arms, Flinders Street. Mr. John Williams, Manager.

Ballarat, Gravel Pits. E. Crossman, American Tentmaker, manager.

England, Ireland, and Scotland, Peel, Brothers, and Co., Liverpool, and Pickford and Co.

Money orders and drafts for all sums from 5 pounds upwards, payable by the Provincial bank of Ireland, the National bank of Scotland, or any of their branches, or in London.


"CITY of Melbourne Freehold Home Society:- Shareholders down to 260, desirous of participating in the Allotment of Land lately; unpurchased by this Society, will oblige by calling at the office, 50, Collins Street east, and filling up the necessary forms. W.S. Woolcott, manager.


"GRANG Masquerade and Ball costume at Braid's Assembly Rooms - In consequence of the liberal patronage the proprietors of these rooms have received they are determined to give another grand Ball this evening, they will endeavour to surpass all other assemblies which have hitherto been held at this favorite (sic) place of amusement.

Admission 5s, Ladies free."


"TO LET :- in Bouverie Street, a Two-roomed Cottage; also Three-stalled Stable. Apply to Forsyth's Timber Yard, 63 Little Bourke Street, East."


"LEMONADE powder and Persian Sherbet, best qualities, on sale, in large or small quantities. Enquire "Storeman", Messrs Franklyn and Co., Fulton Chambers, opposite Cole's Wharf."


"FURTHER attraction to visitors to the Melbourne Exhibition, at D.G. CLARKE'S Great Western Drapery and Outfitting Emporium, Queen Street, opposite the Theatre.

A visit to the above establishment is solicited - where all articles in the above line and of the most recherche (sic) style can be obtained at prices that must appear fabulous to the purchaser, the proprietor being determined to sell, regardless of cost, in order to clear out for fresh importations.

Goods of the rarest designs and prevailing fashions will be parted with, and sacrificed, owing to the overcrowded state of the markets, unprecedented in Melbourne.

Visitors! - Please to observe the address, and you will gain treble the expense of your pleasurable visit to the Exhibition by visiting the above Emporium. See specimens in the Exhibition.


"LOUIS CHEVALIER, Watch Importer, 211 Swanson Street, will sell his remaining stock, very cheap."


REF: email to by Lee Power on 8 May 1998
"The original source is the first Age Newspaper in Victoria - but as the document is rather fragile, I will not be accessing it for individual lookups - thought instead I would transcribe all I could onto the net for all to read."
source the Age Newspaper of Tuesday Oct 17,1854



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