Genealogical Data

Passenger List for
the 'Sophia'


England to Western Australia, arrived 27th July 1850

This information has been taken from a photocopy of the original 'Nominal list of Emigrants'. The copy I had access to was poorly photocopied and in a lot of place very difficult or impossible to read. (see scan below) Therefore please treat this information with distrust and see the original records where possible. Quote: Colonial Secretary's Records Inward Vol 205 page 142

To signify that only a part of a word is included I have used ...
so BRIDG..., G... should be read, surname begining with BRIDG, First name beginning with G.

One other thing, I have added information emailed to me that does not appear on the passenger list that I have. These additions are signified by a * next to the name.

A B C D F F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Surnames illegible
ALDRIDGE, John SM 16 Labourer
BARCLAY, Annie Matron
BENNETT, John SM Labourer Oxford
BENNETT, Kizeal SF 16 Servant Oxford
BAIGE, Emma SF 18 Servant Cambridge
BAIGE, Harriot SF 19 Servant Cambridge
BAIGE, Hannah SF 21 Servant Cambridge
BINGHAM, William MM 31 Labourer Huntingdon
BINGHAM, MF 29 Wife Huntingdon
BINGHAM, m 7 child Huntingdon
BINGHAM, f 7 child Huntingdon
BRIDG..., G... SF 21 Labourer Huntingdon
* BUCKINGHAM, Thomas MM 42
* BUCKINGHAM, Mary nee Chaunter MF 35
C..., William SM 19 Labourer Essex
CHEV..., Fanny SF 29 Servant Middlesex
* COCKRAM, Richard MM 46
* COCKRAM, Elizabeth MF 38
* COCKRAM, children there were 4
COOK, .... MM 19 Labourer Norfolk
COOK, .... MF 45 Wife Norfolk
COOK, ... m 9 child Norfolk
COOK, ... f 2 child Norfolk
COOK, ... SM 15 Labourer Norfolk
COOK, Mary SF 14 Servant Norfolk
DOGGETT, ... MM 23 Labourer Cambridge
DOGGETT, ... MF 25 Wife Cambridge
DOGGETT, ... f 4 child Cambridge
DONNELLY, Esther SF 22 Servant Hauti
DONELLY, ... SF 20 Servant Hauti
DONELLY, ... SM 17 Labourer Hauti
DONELLY, ...pha SM 16 Labourer Hauti
GARD, George SM 26 Labourer Huntingdon
GARD, William MM 27 Bricklayer Lincoln
GARD, MF 34 Wife Lincoln
GIFFORD, William SM 25 Labourer Leiceister
HALLS, Joseph SM 18 Labourer Hauti
JEFFERY, Louis SM 18 Labourer Huntingdon
JOHNSON, L... SF 21 Servant
LILES, John SM 28 Mason
NALLIS, Edward MM 37 Labourer Sussex
NALLIS, MF 30 Wife Sussex
NALLIS, m 3 child Sussex
NALLIS, f 1 child Sussex
NELWICH, Sarah Labourer
PAUN..., William MM 20 Labourer Cambridge
PAUN..., MF 21 Wife Cambridge
PELL, George SM 19 Labourer Cambridge
PELL, John MM 21 Labourer Cambridge
PELL, MF 21 Wife Cambridge
PENN, George MM 30 Labourer Kent
PENN, MF 20 Wife Kent
PORTER, George SM 20 Labourer Middlesex
RANDELL, George MM 19 Blacksmith Hauti
RANDELL, MF 19 Wife Hauti
RANDELL, Samuel SM 22 Carpenter Hauti
ROBINSON, Elizth SF 18 Servant Surrey
ROBINSON, Samuel SM 19 Labourer Huntingdon
Steele, Emma SF 15 Servant Southampton
S..., Sophia SF 19 Servant Middlesex
WILKINS, Christ. SM 22 Labourer Lincoln
Surnames illegible
..., Agnes SF 31 Servant Laucaster
..., ... MM 26 Labourer Cambridge
..., ... MF 26 Wife Cambridge
..., ...helias MM 66 Labourer Hauti
..., ... MF 43 Wife Hauti
..., ... SM 18 Labourer Hauti
..., George MM 28 Labourer Sussex
..., MF 20 Wife Sussex
..., m 1 child Sussex



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