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Passengers on the Mary Anne

From "Report of Arrival at the Port of Hobart Town of the Brig Mary Anne 25 Oct 1829"

From whence: London

When sailed: 11 May London, 2 June Plymouth
State of Health: Good
Master: A. G.(?) Hopton
Owners: S Pierce & Co
Tons: 290
Guns: 4
Register: London
Build: Briddington
Crew: 15
Convicts: - Male - Female
Cargo: General
General Remarks: Put into Cape of Good Hope

Passengers for Van Diemen's Land:

Cabin Passengers:-

Mr Wood
Mrs Wood
5 Children
Mr Darling D.H. (?)
Mrs Darling
4 Children
Mr Walker (?)
Mr Steele

Steerage Passengers

Mr Scott
Mr Bowden
Eliza Caperon (?)
Ann Hocombe (?)
George Hancombe (?)
Wm. Oliver

Passengers for New South Wales:

Cabin Passengers:-

Mr Patey Ap (?) Esq (?)
Mrs Patey
Mr Nicholson
Mr Gilpin
Miss Soper
Miss Norwood

Steerage Passengers:-

(note: the Croker/Crocker family disembarked in Hobart)
Mr Croker
Mrs Croker
7 Children
Mr Jackson
Mr Danger (?)
Mrs Dawson
(?) Johita (?)

Signed: Samuel Hile (?) Port Officer


REF: email to by Roy Smith on 2 August 1998



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