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Passengers on the Echuca

An email from Sharon McBride of Perth, Western Australia to the Perth DPS newsgroup included the following list of passengers. I have reproduced the message and list here with Sharon's full permission.

Please remember that the list was compiled by Sharon who has a list of her research interests at If you can help her with her family research please contact her direct.


Just in case someone else can get Lucky. The Echuca sailed from London on 16 February 1892 to Fremantle. I have a copy of the Matron's Diary for most of the girls & also a plan of the Steerage area.

ATKINS, Alice M age 19
ATKINS, Florence age 16
ATKINS, Harriet age 48
ATKINS, Lily age 9
BROWNE, Mary age 35
COOKE, Sarah J? age 22
COPELAND, Ada M age 22
CORBETT, Mary age 28
FENTON, Lucinda age 20
FORBES, Emily M age 28
HAMILTON, Catherine age 18
HARDING, Mary age 22
HOWARD, Margaret age 16
HUGHES, Caroline age 30
JORDAN, Annie age 38
JUDD, ( or FUDD) Edith E age 24
JUDINE, Alice age 16
KELLEN, Jane age 19
KIRWAN, Matilda age 22
LAURIE, Julia age 28
LEAR, Annie E age 16
MARR, Janet age 19
McCARTHY, Helena age 38
McINTYRE, Mina age 23
NEWSON, Mabel Isabel age 17
PARRY, Florence age 18
PERFECT, Georgina age 29
POWER, Julia A age 17
PROCTOR, Margaret age 25
REES, Mary E age 27
RICE, Mary age 20
RYAN, Alice age 22
SCULTHORPE, Hannah age 23
SLADE, Amy Mary age 21
SMITH, Edith age 22
SMITH, Florence M age 26
TATTERSALL, Louisa E age 20
TOWN, Frances age 22
TURNER, Myra age 35
TYE, Annie M age 21
UNDRIEUX, Elizabeth age 35 [also spelt ANDRIEUX]
WAUGH, Isabella age 19
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth age 17
WILMOT, Emily age 15

REF: email to Perth DPS by Sharon on Wed, 01 Aug 2001



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