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The Tunnellers As Engineers - Special Praise from Haig

LONDON, Dec 5, 1.20 am

Field-Marshall Sir Douglas Haig in a Special Order congratulates the mining and tunnelling units and says that they demonstrated a complete superiority over the Germans and achieved magnificent success at Messines; they prepared the offensive on the Somme and at Arras and Ypres and carried out dangerous tasks in removing enemy traps and mines on the roads, bridges and in the dug-outs. They have shown the highest qualities as engineers and fighting troops. Sir Douglas Haig especially mentions the Australian Electrical and Mechanical Mining and Boring Company.


For more details about one of these men, Edward Gilmore (Hughie) Dodd (1894-1957) click here.


taken from an email to GENANZ by Gail Dodd on 8 August 1998
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