Genealogical Data


Taken from the Belfast Gazette..Oct 26 1871..

in an article re Centenarians.. there is a column written which states that the following information was taken from the WESTERN DAILY MERCURY Oct 28 1864..

"A childs christening on Sunday Last at the SENNAN PARISH CHURCH, represented the 5th generation of MATTHEW NICHOLAS, of SENNON COVE.. a name well known throughout the countryside for the last century...and the christening caused the font to be surrounded by those who showed the 5 GENEREATIONS to be still represented..

the Baby was MATTHEW NICHOLAS..his uncle MATTHEW NICHOLAS was there.. as was his grandfather - MATTHEW NICHOLAS, his Great Greandfather MATTHEW NICHOLAS and his Great Great Grandfather MATTHEW NICHOLAS... but to show the longevity of the familly of this ilk.. the child has
2 grandfathers still alive
2 grandmothers still alive
3 great grandfathers and 3 great grandmothers alive
2 great great grandfathers still alive and well...

The Great grandfather Matthew Nicholas was 88 years old...


REF: email to by Jenny Fawcett on 17 August 1998



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